Diskuse: Škoda Octavia (Štéda)

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  • 9bYw69lwIy


    28.04.17 00:25 Reagovat

    Hey, that's a clever way of thikning about it.

  • loguTFat


    26.04.17 01:48 Reagovat

    Thanks for writing such an eaat-yo-understsnd article on this topic.

  • TGNbhPwftZ


    25.04.17 00:16 Reagovat

      July 25, 20a;tg&6Haah0a, Rachel, the diagrams are killing me. I have to take the extra grammar classes for my Linguistics Certificate. My major is Creative English and Im getting a certificate in Linguistics on the side so I have the option to be a teacher in foreign countries.My Linguistics teacher was a gentle grader or I wouldnt have passed.

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