Diskuse: Ford Focus (blahys12)

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    This is my explanation from my psaeonrl reaserchs on why the best Ford Focus is not in America. Let first start with price tag, if the Focus RS made it to the states will have a price over $40,000.00!!! Wich, some people think is to much for a small car, not luxury. Then, is people buy the car at this price they will compromise the number one vehicle that represent Ford's rigth now,The Mustang. The Focus RS and the Ford Mustang will be almost at the same price were the Focus as so much to offer than not the mustang. For example fuel economy, more performance. Who do not like that mix ? So, overall the Focus RS is not in America because or it with fail on selling because the price tag or it will kill the Mustang selling in America. Ain't that a bitch

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