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  • U6YgTvggo Autor: "fMwltnXak" Datum: 10.08.2015  05:20

  • 1mgDnXdeKHpV Autor: "EHlslKep" Datum: 17.08.2015  20:00

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  • U6YgTvggo

    Datum: 10.08.2015  05:20Autor: neregistrovaný: "fMwltnXak" [188.143.234.XXX]

    MÄ› je 36 a tento ÄŤle1nek asi psalo Ĺ?e1ky ucho Co Hore1ÄŤek? Tak se teda ve 35 koukni na svĹŻj ouÄŤet, jtesli tam najdeš drobe1ky na 1,2 HTP ty mudrlante, stĹ™edned vÄ›k v 35 vole.

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  • 1mgDnXdeKHpV

    Datum: 17.08.2015  20:00Autor: neregistrovaný: "EHlslKep" [188.143.234.XXX]

    I have had trouble with WP7 siwnchitg between networks. I am also using a samsung focus. My internet at home went down this weekend. I had to turn wireless off on my phone in order to get internet access on the phone over 3g. Thats annoying but understandable. Next I clicked on the hardware search button to look something up in bing and I got a list of results as expected. However, when I selected a page to open in IE instead of pulling up the correct page I got a message from my u-verse router telling me I had a problem with my internet connection and that I needed to call my ISP. The other apps I bothered to check (facebook app/people hub and netflix) seemed to be getting internet.Eventually I had to remove my wireless network settings from the phone and restart it for IE to work correctly.

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