Trabant 1.6 MPi (majkl_bb)

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  • ;-)

    Datum: 01.09.2010  09:50Autor: neregistrovaný: "laufík" [88.146.86.XXX]

    ...dát do trabíka 1.6-ku... klobouk dolů šéfe :-! a milion palců nahoru :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: dobrá překopávka :)))))) chválim

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  • gLGoPEwZtgOpqOdWG

    Datum: 26.08.2011  10:33Autor: neregistrovaný: "EdFDYJnxuQN" [202.64.181.XXX]

    It's really great that people are shranig this information.

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  • SkSomOEYPeKkmSbulJ

    Datum: 26.08.2011  15:23Autor: neregistrovaný: "NkyipnnWOxnYik" [184.107.155.XXX]

    5u74z5 humlwmxyreid

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  • Trabík 4takt

    Datum: 03.11.2011  22:38Autor: neregistrovaný: "...." [83.208.119.XXX]

    Ahoj, nechce někdo prodat čtyřtaktíka trabantka? sháním od 1.1 - 1.6 obsahu.Platba ihned. díky (603244254) :-)

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  • MOAIGquLeAmC

    Datum: 29.08.2012  17:35Autor: neregistrovaný: "tFuwWBGZ" [188.143.232.XXX]

    While the new face to face rule is a bit of a challenge facninially to the smaller companies I think it is a smart move by Medicare. I have been in hospice for many years, I have worked as an RN Case Manager, Patient Care Coordinator and now am a Director for a hospice. We hired a Nurse Practitioner to help our Medical Director with these face to face vists so that we can stay in compliance. She not only does these face to face visits but carries a case load of patients for the doctor and will do admissions and RN visits as needed. She is paid a very good salary so it is important that we utilize her. I will tell you she is a wonderful addition to our team. The Medicare benefit is a wonderful service but I have seen it abused over and over by companies who are so census driven that they will admit anyone who is referred. Anyone is hospice for any length of time can tell you the pressure they felt at one time of another to admit or to keep on service a patient that is not medically eligible. I have left jobs over it. It is helpful for the RN Case Manager to have the NP assess these patient's. The NP will help the field nurse to improve their skills in evaluating patients and they will be a support for them when the NP agrees that the patient no longer qualifies for hospice services.

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  • FOuaPHJrKnI

    Datum: 01.09.2012  10:30Autor: neregistrovaný: "jEHIXdKS" [98.159.66.XXX]

    2kE6ae wgttvipocdhi

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    Datum: 15.01.2015  00:26Autor: neregistrovaný: "fitflop?????" [27.19.175.XXX]


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